Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Week 8

Hello Everyone,
I hope everything is going well back in the USA with school starting and everything.

We went to Kpando for district meeting and to email because the power was out in HoHoe. I also was able to get some fresh Beef that probably was killed that morning. I cooked some up it was so good.

We taught Brother Prosper and his family the plan of salvation as we are going through all the lessons again with them. After that we had mid week, which is kind of like mutual, but for the entire branch. We taught the members hymns because their knowledge of them is small.  We only taught a couple of hymns.

We visited a member who lives on the other side of town and taught her and her mother who is 76 years old. We also found a person who makes kenti which is used to make these cool ties. Then we went to visit Samson and Pamela to continue working with them. They are doing so well. They are going to youth conference this weekend. Afterwards, we went to the Branch President's house and while we were there we had fufu.  It was one of the largest balls I have seen and I was able to eat all of it. When I come back to the USA I will challenge anyone who is willing to an eating contest. With all of this food, my stomach is going to be so big. We then went to see Brother Thomas.  He is struggling with the baptismal date so I challenged him to come up with a date. He knows this church is true, but he holds an important calling in his church that is making the change hard for him.

In the morning a large storm hit and knocked the power out.  You can't go out in the rain because everyone stays inside and they don't want to talk. After waiting an hour, we headed out and got some great new investigators.  They are a family who lives near our apartment and they are accepting the Gospel.  In fact, their oldest daughter is going to attend the youth conference. Then we decided to go through the area book and visit the people in it. On the first one we visited, this person was so not serious during the lesson. Then we went to a referral and as soon as we started teaching he burst in to tears. We thought at first he was feeling the spirit strongly but nope he was drunk so we ended and left.  That night the power was still out and the stars where amazing! You could see so many because there was no light pollution. When the power is out the water doesn't work and that means the toilets don't work either.

The power didn't return until noon, so in the morning we visited with the family next door. The father is going up north for two weeks for his shift as a firefighter. In the lesson he asked about the Book of Mormon, so we gave him one to take with him to read on his free time. We also visited with brother Thomas who we continued to teach and his daughter was also there. The power went out again and lasted most of the night.

Church it started off with only 18 people there, and five were investigators.  By the end of sacrament meeting we had 40. For Sunday school we went with the youth and we talked to them about the youth conference. Youth Conference is nothing like the ones back home, but they had such a good time. In the evening we had fufu, which I am starting to be able to eat more of but its still hard.  Its like trying to eat a large ball of bread dough.

Elder Marcusen

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