Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week 7

Hello Everyone,
This week was a fun one!

It was so nice to email home. For dinner, I had banku with fresh salsa. Banku is very similar to fufu. It is very filling but doesn't quench your hunger.

We had District conference.  We went to an appointment and a drunk guy told us to leave so we did. We went to teach another appointment and during that things didn’t go well and we had to leave. Then we went to our Branch President’s home for dinner. We had fufu and it was a BIG serving. Half way through, the soup was refilled, but I kept chugging along to finish it. Oh, also the beef still has the skin on it and it tastes like jerky.

We taught Brother Samson and his sister Pamela. They are progressing so well and are getting ready for their baptism next month. Then at mid-week the Branch President asked me to give a talk Sunday on the importance of having and attending conferences. So yeah, I have a lot of studying to do. We had banku again for dinner at another member’s home.

We were walking to one of our appointment and some drunk guy comes up to me, and in some language says he wants to take a picture with me (his buddy had to say it for him for me to understand). For some reason drunk people just like coming up and talking to me.  At another appointment I taught the whole lesson because my companion was too tired to talk. At the next appointment we were in the middle of the lesson, and I got a feeling that we needed to leave immediately, so I closed the lesson and we left.

Was a fun day, we went to have a lesson with the Relief Society President who lives 30 min south. She is awesome, almost every Sunday she come to church with her children on a motorbike. She lives up at the base of the mountains. After the lesson she wanted to take us to her farm so I got on her motorbike and my companion got on one with another guy and off we went to the farm. After the farm she wanted to take us to the junction to get a ride back to HoHoe, so my companion and I both got on it with her and went to the junction. Riding on the motorbike was really fun. Oh and no helmets so yeah riding on the bike was really fun. (pic below)

We had our Africa West Area day of service, so our branch cleaned up the hospital grounds. Then at Brother Thomas's home we were telling about a Book of Mormon story and their son, who is about 8, comes running in from a different room with his Book of Mormon story's book open to that exact story, which was really awesome experience.

I gave my talk and I think I did a good job because when the President was closing, he reaffirmed some of the things I said about the importance of attending District Conference.

We went to the water falls, they are really cool and the way the mountains look is different but really cool. Sorry for the late email the power went out for about 5 hours yesterday and we weren't able to email.

Elder Marcusen

Relief Society President's ride
Africa West Day of Service
P-day Hike to Wli lower waterfalls

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