Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 5 - Second week in Africa

Hello everyone,
There is never a dull moment here in Ghana.

We did family home evening with a family in the Branch. Most families don't do it, so we are making rounds and doing it with a different family each week.

In between all of the lessons we had, we stopped by Sister Grace who is a bread baker. We helped her take them out of the oven and she gave us a couple of loaves. Then we went to visit Sister Rejoice and taught her how she has a Father in Heaven who knows and loves her. Then, the best part of the day came when we visited Brother Thomas' family. During the last lesson we asked him to pray to know if the church is true and to know by our next visit. So today when we visited, he said that he received an answer and that he was scared of the result (he holds a position in his church). So he told us that he wanted to study it out more.

I experienced my first “lights out” where the power is shut off. It lasted for about two hours. We taught Brother Samson and his sister, after leaving, we were biking and these people yell at us to stop. They took us to their office and basically arrested us because I am white and they think I am rich. So we call up a member who is in the police to come get us out and he does. Then we traveled to Ho that evening because we had a multi zone conference Thursday.

At the multi-zone conference, it was so nice to see other Americans.  At the conference in Kpong, President Keyes talked about time management and making sure you plan out your day each day. We traveled back to Ho and then back to Ho Hoe which is a long and bumpy ride.

We went to Jasikan. The road is so bad that it takes an hour to get there. We were able to teach two lessons there, but what happened next was the worst.  It was dark and the road is so bad no taxi drivers want to drive it in the dark. One taxi came and there was a fight to get in it so we decided to wait for the next taxi. Let me tell you a little about these taxis. They are only for 4 people, but they put five in them and they are barely working. We were able to get in the next taxi but there where 8 of us in it. This taxi driver was petal to the metal driving so fast over the really bumpy road. We passed that first taxi that left and it was broken down on the side of the road.  By the end of the hour journey I had lost all feeling in my legs.

I can’t believe that I have been out one month! Today we had a neat experience when we stopped by the bakery Sister Grace asked for a blessing so I was able to give it to her. Afterward, we were biking and we get a call from Brother Thomas who said we needed to come see him right now and that he was at the mechanic getting his car fixed. So when we got there he told us that for the past two nights he has been having a dream about the church and that it is God’s church on the earth today. So we invited him to church but he said he will be out of town. I think during our next lesson we will extend a baptismal date to him.

Being fast and testimony meeting 3/4 of the testimonies where in a different language which was difficult because I couldn't understand them. Then in the evening we went to Brother Prosper and they gave us fufu. I still can only eat half a ball of it.

So a little thing from today.  I found out I can out run my companion and even most of the locals, especially when there is a mad man with a giant stone in his hands, eyes locked on you with a mad look on his face chasing after you at full speed. We were walking down main street getting a back pack and this shirtless man comes running eyes locked on us with this large stone. I have never run so fast!  So, yeah never a dull moment from my worst taxi experience to being imprisoned in an office.

Sincerely from your Elder in Africa,
Elder Marcusen      

 Elder Marcusen with his trainer Elder Olukoya
Multi Zone Conference in Kpong
Multi Zone Conference in Kpong with President Keyes
 Elder Marcusen

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