Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 2

Hello Everyone!!!! Hope you all are enjoying your summer!

So last Tuesday, we had the opportunity to walk the temple grounds because the temple was closed. That evening we had a member of the seventy come and speak to us about melting investigators hearts with the spirit so that they feel and listen to it.

On Wednesday we were so busy because we had 50 new missionaries arrive in our zone. That evening we got to introduce ourselves to the new missionaries and answer any and all questions they had. We got to tell them all the ins and outs of the MTC and also to come to us if they ever need anything.

On Thursday, after breakfast I had a violin audition to perform at the MTC, it went really well. I will be playing "Be Still My Soul" for the general authority who is coming to the devotional on Tuesday Night. We also got a new investigator who is the perfect investigator. She is so open to the Gospel and is following our goals for her about reading the book of Mormon and prayer.

OK story time! So the new building has murals everywhere and they are awesome!! My favorite is Moses walking through the red sea. So today when I was studying in front of it I received an impression that as a missionary you are called by Men of God and He assigned you to an area to serve Him. Because He called you He will provide a way for it to be done and He will be cheering you on the whole way. So later we had one of the elders in our zone come to us as zone leaders saying he was home sick really bad and didn't know if he would be able to do it. I shared that message with him and that helped him get rid of his home sickness.

On Friday, we taught our investigator, Fredrick, about Christ and how He set the perfect example for us and invited him to be baptized like Christ was. Guess what!! HE SAID YES!!! However our other investigator who was making little progress last time has completely progressed backwards.

On Saturday, we received our flight plans. We leave Tuesday the 25th at 8:45AM and have a direct flight to Ghana. We get there the next day at 8:15AM. So today was our last day with these investigators. We prepared a powerful lesson for the one investigator who was having a hard time with understanding the Gospel. We showed part of Hollands talk titled Safety for the Soul, as Holland was getting all powerful and emotional our investigator started to fall asleep and was out cold. My companion and I were so surprised because the spirit was so strong in that room.

On Sunday, at choir practice we sang Testimony by T. Chemain Evans, who is going to accompanying us personally for the Tuesday night devotional. So being a zone leader, I had to plan the entire sacrament meeting and four priesthood meetings because we have so may missionaries. Our Sunday night devotional was given by President and Sister Martino (MTC president)  they talked about Doctrine and Convents 18:15-16 and how only with time you can see the benefits of missionary work/service.

On Monday, the tours of the new MTC started,  and we also met with one of our new investigators. Also we decided that we are going to sing the EFY medley as our farewell in sacrament meeting.

Sorry no photos this week I will definitely have some next week.

Please send me your favorite general conference talks. I am going to be printing some off to have in Africa and to read on the long flight there.
Elder Marcusen

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