Tuesday, July 25, 2017

MTC Departure

Elder Marcusen left the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center today.  He is traveling with fifteen other missionaries who have also been called to serve in the Ghana Accra Mission. Their flight leaves at 8:45am and will arrive tomorrow in Ghana at 8:15am.  They have one layover at JFK airport.

Elder Marcusen and his younger brother, Joshua ended up crossing paths at the Salt Lake City International airport.  Joshua was flying home to Washington D.C. after spending a week and a half in Utah.

We originally thought the two brothers would miss each other by a day, but because their paths crossed we were able to do FaceTime instead of the typical phone call you receive from the airport.

With Joshua being a minor and this being his first solo flight we had his aunt get a gate pass to accompany him until he boarded the plane. Because of this she was able to take pictures of the departing Elders. It definitely was a tender mercy from above!

These 15 Elders all entered the MTC on the same day.  They were divided up into two districts while in the MTC. Ghana is getting some AWESOME young men for 2 years!
God's Speed, Elders!!!

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